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Visit To Ecole Technique Et Professionnelle Maman Olive Lembe – Tshikapa

Visit to Ecole Technique et Professionnelle Maman Olive Lembe – Tshikapa

On 17th May 2022, Fr. George TJ, Mr. Kamau, and Fr. Joachim Tshibangu visited Ecole Technique et Professionnelle Maman Olive Lembe – Tshikapa. The school was originally operated by the government before being handed over to the Salesians of Don Bosco ten years ago to develop and improve its quality. When the government turned over the school to the Salesians, it lacked the necessary equipment to conduct technical courses.

Don Bosco Tech Africa, with the aid of Don Bosco Mondo, helped the school build a new workshop and purchase electrical and construction equipment as part of the Global Program’s modernization Pillar. Along with secondary education, they centre offers technical courses such as electrical, electronics, welding, agriculture and construction.

Fr. George TJ got the opportunity to address the students together with the teachers. The Tshikapa community is grateful for Don Bosco Tech Africa’s assistance, which has given them fresh hope for improving their TVET offer.

The Salesians are constructing a new technical training centre within the geographical area of Tshikapa. The courses that will be offered in this new centre are carpentry, welding, motorbike repair and agriculture. The use of motorbikes is the main means of transport in this area hence the need to offer the motorbike repair and maintenance course. In this institute, there will be also a Salesian residence.

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