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In each Province there is a DBTECH Africa Provincial TVET Coordinator (P TVET) and a Provincial Job Service Officer (P-JSO) with the responsibility of linking the TVET institutions with the job market and relevant stakeholders.

Br. Musumba Innocent

AFC Province

Fr. Ntunzwe Ferdinand

AGL Province
Fr. Mark K. Eshun

Fr. Mark K. Eshun

AFW Province

Fr. Mbandama Michael

ZMB Province

Fr. Matavele Arlindo

MOZ Province

Fr. Berthin Solonirina

MDG Province

Br. David Beyeme

ATE Province

Fr. JohnPaul Uchendu

ANN Province

Fr. Franck Ametepe

AON Province

Fr. Kachapilly Jojo

ANG Province

Fr. Kagimbangabo Emmanuel

AFM Province

Fr. Lukanyaga Melchades

AFE Province

Fr. Jonatwoski Waldermar

AFE - SUD Province

Mr. Mender Alemseged

AET Province

Fr. Tshibangu Joachim

ACC Province
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