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Solar Trainers being trained on how to use DBTA LMS Platform

Over the last decade, e-learning has tremendously grown, as the internet and education combine to offer people with the opportunity to gain new skills. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, with the closure of workplaces and learning institutions, e-learning has become more centric in people's lives as the educational platform. Online learning is more advantageous because of its accessibility as it gives…

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VET as a bridge between Europe and Africa: The SAAM Project

Vocational Education and Training has been the foundation and central pillar in the advancement of Technology and in the development of nations. This has been true with almost all the countries in Europe and around the world. Some to a great extent, while others to a lesser extent. Don Bosco Institutions, right from the time of our father and founder…

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127 Salesian TVET Centre Management Staff being trained by ITC-ILO

Phase 2 of the Capacity Development Training for the Salesian TVET Centre Management Staff has officially commenced. Currently, 79 participants drawn from the French, and 48 from the Portuguese speaking countries in Sub-Saharan Africa are undergoing the training, that aims to boost their capacities in managing the Don Bosco TVET Centres. On 25th January 2021, the International Training Centre of…

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Don Bosco Tech Africa

Don Bosco Tech Africa is the coordinating body for all the Don Bosco Technical Schools in Africa and Madagascar. We coordinate about 102 TVET centers spread over 35 countries in Africa and Madagascar. We aim to empower our TVET centers so that they can deliver demand driven and quality training to the marginalized young people who frequent our centers.

TVET Centers
African Countries
Enrolled Students
Courses Offered

Our Core Pillars

Capacity Building

Identify, develop and maintain sustainable revenue streams as well as improving teacher’s and instructors competence.

Environment Safeguarding

Promote the National and International Green TVET initiatives and promoting green economy projects.

Youth Empowerment

Aim at serving the marginalized youth with the best training possible and promoting responsible stewardship.

Promote Networking

Build a strong cooperation with industries and employment agencies,regional and international partners.

Quality Standards

Establish an Integrated Management Information System,and support the centers to implement ISO standards.

Gap Bridging

Promote and develop a workforce imbued with values for life,as well as sharing knowledge and best practices.

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