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Madagascar Provincial Strategic Plan

Officials from Don Bosco Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Centers in the MDG-Province, Madagascar are participating in the ongoing establishment of a new Provincial Strategic Plan. At this point, the team of 17 are gathering all necessary data…

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Networking Meeting In Accra, Ghana

The first “Austrian Trade Mission Train” made a stop in Ghana from March 8 - March 10, 2020, bringing together Austrian companies, Ghanaian Business Community and the German Business Association (AHK) with the Austrian Embassy Representative from Abuja, Mr. Guido…

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The Africa Environment Day 2020

Don Bosco TVET Centres in Africa-Madagascar region commemorated this year’s Africa Environment Day and Wangari Maathai Day, whose domesticated theme was “Think Green, Live Green.” There was an inauguration ceremony for Green Clubs with talks on environmental awareness culminating in…

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