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TVET Centre Directors And Job Service Officers Workshop

TVET Centre Directors and Job Service Officers Workshop

TVET institutions need well-prepared managers who understand the TVET sector and the labour market. To ensure that the Don Bosco TVET centres in Africa are run effectively and efficiently it is important for the centre directors to understand their roles. Another key pillar in the Don Bosco TVET centres is the Job Service Office. The Job Service Officers’ overall goal is to ensure a smooth transition of trainees to the labour market. The JSOs and TVET Directors should work hand in hand in order to produce better results of the activities of the TVET centres.

Accordingly, Don Bosco Tech Africa has organized a six-day workshop (27th – 4th March 2023) for Job Service Officers and TVET centre directors. The purpose of this workshop is to develop a monitoring system and an induction program for Local JSOs (attached to TVET centres) and accurate job descriptions, create work materials and templates for the Local JSO work, and create online materials and content guided by the Job Service Office Quality Handbook as the basis.

In his opening remarks, Br. John Njuguna highlighted three key roles of TVET centre directors which are; Interpersonal, Informational and Decisional roles. When they are able to understand and carry out these roles then the TVET centres will be efficient and effective. TVET directors struggle with the difficulties of workload hence assigning roles to the relevant personnel will help produce the desired results.

In conclusion, he urged the TVET Directors to work together with the JSOs to ensure the overarching goal of ensuring the transition to work for the Don Bosco TVET graduates is achieved.



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