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Don Bosco Tech Africa Signs An MOU With The World Class Scholars Foundation (WCS)

Don Bosco Tech Africa signs an MOU with the World Class Scholars Foundation (WCS)

On February 16, 2024, Don Bosco Tech Africa World Class Scholars Foundation (WCS) of Charleston, South Carolina, USA, began a partnership by signing a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding. WCS is a real-time online education and cultural exchange program connecting classroom teachers and students worldwide.

This partnership marks the beginning of a collaborative effort to implement the WCS program in Kenya, with aspirations for expansion across Africa and globally. The project will be piloted in all Don Bosco Primary and Secondary schools in Kenya and other schools affiliated with Don Bosco through the Don Bosco Development Outreach Network (DBDON).

Through this program, students will learn the 21st century skills they need to be competitive in the future global marketplace. These skills include technology skills, digital literacy, project-based learning, working effectively with others from different countries and cultures, communication skills, global awareness, co-creation and collaboration, problem-solving, critical and innovative thinking, perseverance, self-direction and entrepreneurial skills.

Teachers will get free access to every Microsoft software, course, teacher training, and tool, including Microsoft Office 365 tools for educators, and they can enrol in the Microsoft Innovative Teacher Certification Program. Teachers who complete training and certification courses will be eligible to enter the contest for unrestricted international travel to various Microsoft teacher training conferences, subject to support from willing partners.

The collaborative efforts between Don Bosco Tech Africa and WCS aim to foster enhanced learning outcomes within communities by engaging students in activities designed to improve educational achievements and foster cross-cultural collaboration across African schools and countries.


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