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Tracer Study Training For Job Service Officers

Tracer Study Training For Job Service Officers

The Job Service Officers within Don Bosco Tech Africa network have the mandate of accompanying the graduates in their journey of transition from school to work. It is vital to regularly carry out a tracer study of the graduates. This will help in gathering data on the employment rate of the graduates and knowing whether the skills offered at our TVET centres meet the labour market demand.

For the Job Service Officers to carry out this task effectively and efficiently they need necessary tools and competencies. In response to this Don Bosco Tech Africa in partnership with Institut de la Francophonie pour l’Education et la Formation have organized a five days tracer study workshop for Job Service Officers.

At the opening of the workshop, the participants accentuated that they are eager to learn and understand how to use the tracer study application that was developed by Institut de la Francophonie pour l’Education et la Formation (IFEF).

While giving his opening remarks, Fr. George TJ, Don Bosco Tech Africa Executive Director reminded the participants that they will spearhead the implementation of this application in the training centres. He underscored that this application will give all the necessary data of the graduates and hence give us information of the effectiveness of the training we offer to the young people. He also expressed his gratitude to la Francophonie for their partnership, developing the application and gifting it to Don Bosco Tech Africa for use.

When introducing his colleagues Mr. Pailler DENIS and Mme. Dia ROSALIE from the Institute for Francophonie and Training, Mr. Dousso DJIBRIL, commended DBTA for the partnership with IEFE and noted that this is the first time the organization has worked with none English-speaking nations, providing a chance for other non-English-speaking nations. The emphasis of the training is on using an application that is used to track graduates after the training in our TVET centers. This will assist the school administration in determining whether the quality of the training meets the labor market demand. The application features three entry points. Institutes, graduates, and industries.

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