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Roundtable Meeting In DRC – ACC Province

Roundtable Meeting in DRC – ACC Province

On February 21, 2024, the Job Service Office (JSO) in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) – ACC Province organised a roundtable that brought together 43 participants including Local Job Service Officers, entrepreneurs, young people, business leaders and experts in the field of employment and entrepreneurship. The mission was to unravel strategies and innovative approaches for seamlessly integrating young people into DRC’s dynamic job market.

The National Job Service Officer (N-JSO), Mr. Maxime Odia presented the current youth employment landscape in DRC. This helped participants understand the demographic trends and multifaceted challenges facing young job seekers and prompted them to analyse existing employment opportunities and gaps, creating a solid basis for informed discourse and actionable insights. Other presentations focused on entrepreneurship’s role as a catalyst for youth empowerment and economic growth. Additionally, the discourse focused on the significance of occupational health, underscoring its pivotal role in nurturing a workforce conducive to the holistic integration of young people into the dynamic world of work.

The roundtable served as a catalyst for ideation, innovation, and collective action, resulting in a paradigm shift toward a more inclusive and resilient job market ecosystem in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


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