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The Importance Of Solar Energy In Supporting The Green Economy

The importance of solar energy in supporting the green economy

The world is constantly progressing forward, looking for innovative ways to preserve energy and protect the planet. One of the century’s major innovations is technologies in solar energy. Solar power isn’t the future – it’s the present. Today, many companies, organizations and households, in Kenya, from large corporations to small businesses are embracing solar power systems. Even though the consumption and uptake of solar power is gradually rising and the commitment of the Kenyan government to fully transition to clean energy by 2030, the use of non-renewable energy sources like fossil fuel is still on the rise despite the deleterious impact it has on the environment. The main problem that Kenya is facing in regards to solar energy is that people are not aware of its benefits.

Solar energy coupled with energy efficiency awareness can be an important step to achieving the final goal of having a sustainable environment in the country. Together with a good energy policy including regulations, this goal can be achieved as it will help consumers make more rational decisions when it comes to new technology. Thus, on 30th June 2022, Don Bosco Technical School – Marsabit through Don Bosco Tech Africa’s Green TVET project held a round table discussion with local stakeholders like National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), Department of Energy at the county, Ministry of Works, Ministry of Youth Affairs, Kenya Forest Service, local authority, local learning institutions and the representatives from the private sector. The aim of the round table was to create awareness on the significance of solar energy and build synergies to collectively promote clean energy at the county.

One of the key outcomes of this round table was a clear plan of action on how the County Government will engage other stakeholders including Don Bosco Institute – Marsabit to prepare policies to guide the county in transitioning to clean energy.

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