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Empowering TVET Directors And Job Services Officers

Empowering TVET Directors and Job Services Officers

After an intensive six days program, the TVET Directors and Job Service Officers (JSOs) workshop concluded on 4th March 2023. The workshop organized under the Job Service Pillar of Don Bosco Tech Africa Global Programme (GP) brought together 21 participants from the 11 countries implementing the Global Programme. The workshop was guided by the Job Service Officers’ Quality Manual and its objective was to equip participants with skills that will enhance their work.

The participants were trained on various topics which included:

  • How to conduct an induction process
  • Develop accurate job descriptions
  • Create work materials and templates for the Local JSO work
  • Development of online content
  • Writing concept notes and reports
  • Developing stories on change
  • Best practices
  • Develop a monitoring system.

The participants expressed their gratitude to DBTech Africa team for organizing this enriching workshop. They promised to utilize the knowledge gained and share with others to ensure success of Don Bosco TVET in Africa.

In his closing remarks Br. John Njuguna exhorted the participants to access and utilize the resources provided by Don Bosco Tech Africa regional office in order to achieve the desired goal of ensuring a smooth transition of TVET graduates from school to work which will in the end improve their quality of life. He underscored that during these six days they have been well equipped hence when they go back to their respective countries they should fill in the gaps that were missing in their service delivery.

The National Job Service Officers (NJSOs) were reminded of their role to empower the Local Job Service Officers (LJSOs), and educate them on the Job Service Officers’ Quality Manual which is an important tool for work efficiency. Success at the local level ensures success at the national level.

One role of the TVET Directors is governance hence they were urged to ensure that the Job Service Office is functional and results can be seen.

Development of the TVET workforce has been a focus area for Don Bosco Tech Africa and continues to be a priority given the critical role of skills development for work and life.


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