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Water And Wastewater Management In Don Bosco Kakuma – Kenya

Water and Wastewater Management in Don Bosco Kakuma – Kenya

Wastewater emerges from various activities like households, industries and agriculture. In order to achieve the 2030 agenda of Sustainable Development Goals, sustainable water and wastewater management approaches must be an environmental and public health imperative urgent attention.

Some of the reasons that contribute to poor water and wastewater management in Africa are;

  1. Lack of public awareness,
  2. Weak organizational structures,
  3. Poor laws enforcement and policy implementation
  4. Inappropriate technical skills in managing water and wastewater among others.

The Planning and Development Office (PDO) in AFE-Kenya through Don Bosco Tech Africa’s Green TVET project (one of the projects within the Global Program funded by the German Government through Don Bosco Mondo) conducted a roundtrip on water and wastewater management at Don Bosco Technical Institute, Kakuma.

The awareness campaign which took place from May 8th to 12th, 2023, was conducted by the green mobile team led by the Green Specialist, Ms Vivian Muthoni. Its aim was to create awareness among young people and the general public on good practices of water and wastewater management. At the end of the water and wastewater management round trip, the green mobile team created awareness among 31 TVET youth members and the general public on water quality and sanitation, water conservation, preservation, and restoration practices.


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