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DBTech Africa Executive Director Address During The SAAM Intermediary Meeting

DBTech Africa Executive Director address during the SAAM Intermediary Meeting

While addressing the participants during the Intermediary Meeting of the pilot project that promotes TVET mobilities between Africa and Europe.  Don Bosco Tech Africa executive director, Fr. George TJ highlighted factors that would come along with this program basing them on his 30 years working experience in Africa. He gave a number of key impacts that the exchange program could have to both the teachers and the students.

He noted the exchange program will give both the teachers and the students new and innovative teaching methods, hands on practical experiences, exposure and openness to new cultures and practices. It will also create new and lasting partnerships, links and connections which will be a key tool for development. It will be an additional improvement to the students CV.

While it is a good opportunity, he also highlighted some of the challenges that would come about. Preparation of the travel documents which include passports, visas, vaccination documents due to the long duration of processing them, climatic conditions.

Another challenge would be the school timetable in various institutions, he noted that the organizers should keep in mind the exams and special events within the institutions.

He went on and highlighted the risk factors that would come along with this program which include sickness especially with the covid-19 pandemic, the director also noted that some of these challenges depend on an individual since person handles challenges differently.

In conclusion he expressed his wish to see the mobility program move on well and have great success.

The meeting that brought together partners from different countries in Africa and Europe was held from 31st – 4th June 2021.

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