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Child Safeguarding And Protection Training – ANN Province

Child safeguarding and protection Training – ANN Province

Child safeguarding and protection is an important topic to discuss among the stakeholders working with Children. An in-depth knowledge attitude and skills in safeguarding can prevent harm to both the child and practitioner.

Br. John Njuguna, the Deputy Director of Don Bosco Tech Africa,, Mrs. Cathrine Kisasa, and Sister Damaris are in Nigeria (ANN) Province to conduct training on child safeguarding and protection training for the Rectors and the Provincial council. This training started on 14th  and ended on 18th  of November 2022. Tomorrow the team will start another 5 day’s training for ninety-two (92) post-novitiates in Ibadan. The group comprises of young religious from different congregations.

Child safeguarding and protection is important in our daily work given that we are working with young people who are in most cases coming from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The training program was well attended by among others the Provincial Fr. Jorge Crisafulli. The trainers were excited about the diverse methodologies. The training was an eye opener for all involved, who shared their views on the importance of these programs to both children and adults alike. The highlight on the sacredness of life and the importance of the preventive system as a tool and a methodology in Child safeguarding and protection was the gist of the training.


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