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Job Service Quality Manual

Dear Friends,

I am happy on behalf of Don Bosco Tech Africa to present to you this Job Service Officers’ (JSOs) Quality Manual. This has been the work of many over a period of time. This is also a collection of the experience gathered over the years by the Salesians of Don Bosco, through their Technical Training Centers and the Job Service Offices they have been running.

This manual is very systematic and comprehensive with regard to the question of preparing a youngster for life as he/she enters the job market. It has a horizontal as well as vertical orientation.

The horizontal orientation encourages the Job Service Officers to move from the “Minimum” level of functioning to the “Standard” level of functioning. And then it challenges him/her to move to the level of “Excellence”.

The vertical orientation takes into consideration all the processes as well as all the stakeholders involved in preparing a youngster to enter the job market, whether it be in the formal sector or informal sector or in self-employment. There is a proper stakeholder analysis and the role that each stakeholder plays. There is a close follow up and accompaniment of the trainee from the moment he/she enters a training institute.

The trainee is helped to make a proper and informed career choice and develop a Vocational and Personal Life Project (VPLP). In the meantime, a strong partnership and networking is established with companies and other external stakeholders so that our training is in line with the needs of the labor market.

As a result, the transition to the world of work becomes easy for the graduate. I would like to express my special appreciation to Mr. Roland Kornhaeusl and to Mr. Stefan Merante, who coordinated this whole process. Special thanks also to the Job Service Officers from the various provinces of Africa/Madagascar, who shared their experiences and worked hard to bring out this manual.

It is my sincere hope that this manual will serve as a tool to streamline our efforts in guiding our youngsters to the world of work and that our graduates will be able to engage themselves in meaningful and satisfying jobs. Thus, able to lead dignified lives.

Fr. TJ. George
Executive Director
Don Bosco Tech Africa

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