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UN World Environmental Day 2019

UN World Environmental Day 2019

On 5th June, 2019, Don Bosco Tech Africa and the Don Bosco Technical and vocational Education and Training (TVET) centers celebrated the UN World environmental day under the theme of ‘AIR POLLUTION, A SILENT KILLER’. Different Don Bosco Tvet Centers organized various environmental activities ranging from planting of trees, clean-ups, discussions and plays which focused on reducing the impacts of air pollution caused by the anthropogenic activities.

Since 5th June, 2019 was a public Holiday (Eid-al-fitr), Don Bosco Boys Town Technical Institute celebrated the environmental day on 6th June, 2019 in the spirit of ‘Leaving No One Behind’ especially the day scholars. Don Bosco Tech Africa joined in the celebration and was represented by Mr. Jack Omondi. There were about 250 participants who took part in the event. The event started at 9.30 am with the master of ceremony Br. James introducing the participants to the concept of air pollution, the negative effects of air pollution on their health and environment and various ways in which they can alleviate the negative effects. The student representative Mr. Lawrence acknowledged the adverse effects air pollution has on the environment and human health as well as their roles as students in curbing the menace. Mr. Kris organized for a ‘play’ by the students which touched on the theme of air pollution specifically the role of youths in managing the environment. Mr. Omondi on his part acknowledged the multiplying effects of air pollution, the role of Technical colleges in instilling and promoting positive behavioral change in sustainably managing the effects of air pollution, and the nexus between green concepts in TVETs and environmental challenges like air pollution.

The event culminated in tree planting in which 100 tree seedlings were planted by the DBTA representative and the students within the school compound and in the nearby Karen Police Station. The event ended at 1.00 pm.

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