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TVET Communication Strategy Workshop In Angola

TVET Communication Strategy Workshop in Angola

From 24-26 April 2024 Don Bosco Tech Africa under its Networking pillar of the Global Programme (GP) organized a development of TVET communication strategy workshop in Angola. The primary objective was to foster a comprehensive understanding of communication concepts within the TVET system and craft an effective communication strategy tailored to the needs of the TVET sector in the country

This strategy aims to enhance the visibility of Don Bosco TVET offers and programmes in Angola, facilitating communication with a broader network of internal and external stakeholders including government agencies in charge of education and labour relations, civil society organizations, industries and employer associations, development partners as well as small and medium-sized business enterprises. Moreover, it seeks to empower TVET centres to strengthen advocacy efforts, expand networks, and forge partnerships to promote apprenticeships, internships, and job placements for graduates.

During the workshop, the participants engaged in constructive discussions where they defined the communication strategy and set out the objectives and purpose of the strategy. Further, they also conducted a stakeholder mapping, identified stakeholders’ interests, areas of engagement, identified communication channels, and developed key messages to disseminate to stakeholders.

The workshop facilitated by Patrick Wachira and Matthews Wafula from DBTA plays a pivotal role in shaping the Communication strategy for Don Bosco TVET in Angola. This is realized by addressing critical communication needs, acknowledging existing challenges, and proposing strategic interventions. The workshop laid the foundation for a cohesive and targeted communication strategy tailored to the unique requirements of the Don Bosco TVET education and labour sectors.

Don Bosco Tech Africa has conducted similar workshops in Malawi, Madagascar, South Sudan, Rwanda and Burundi. Notably, Malawi has already launched its TVET communication strategy which was attended by senior government officers, and launched by Fr. Michael Mbandama, the Salesians of Don Bosco Provincial of ZMB. It is anticipated that the implementation of communication strategies together with the Job Service Officers’ Quality Manual will greatly equip Don Bosco TVET centres with progressive skills and approaches necessary in the education and labour market.

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