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South To South Exchange Programme In Don Bosco Ashaiman, Ghana

South to South exchange programme in Don Bosco Ashaiman, Ghana

South-to-South exchange programme is an important aspect of development as it allows the different parties to exchange knowledge and resources that enhance development. It also promotes partnership and networking and allows sharing of best practices.

Don Bosco Tech Africa through the networking pillar of the Global Programme (GP) facilitates the South-to-South exchange programme for the countries implementing the GP. The aim of the exchange programme is to equip Don Bosco TVET Trainers with advanced skills that they will later incorporate back into their countries.

The first South-to-South exchange programme focusing on solar PV training for English-speaking countries (Kenya and South Sudan- AFE Province) took place from July 17 – 28, 2023 at Don Bosco Ashaiman, Ghana.

A Similar training for the French-speaking countries from the Democratic Republic of Congo, ACC Province and Burundi, AGL Province is currently taking place at Don Bosco Ashaiman, Ghana. The training began on 11th September and will conclude on 29th September 2023.

More countries under the Global Programme will participate in similar exchanges in other trades such as Agriculture and Hospitality.

This programme is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) Germany through Don Bosco Mondo, Bonn.


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