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Professional Training And Job Creation At The Heart Of Quality Of Life

Professional Training and Job Creation at the Heart of Quality of Life

The Burundi Don Bosco Vocational Training Center in Buterere recently hosted an enriching round table/conference from March 26th to 28th, 2024. The event was organized in collaboration with MSMEs and Chambers, and served as a nexus for dialogue and collaboration on the overarching theme of “Professional Training, Job Creation, and Quality of Life.”

Dignitaries and representatives from esteemed institutions including the General Directorate of TVET, the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research, PAEEJ, ABEJ, OBM, and the Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs, among others, graced the occasion. Don Bosco TVET Centres (Buterere and Rukago) were represented by the Local Job Service Officers (JSOs) and the institute directors. Particularly noteworthy was the participation of the inspiring Past Pupils of the Don Bosco Buterere CFP, who shared first-hand accounts of the transformative impact of professional training on their career paths.

The primary objective of the round table was threefold: firstly, to provide a platform for CFP graduates to articulate the pivotal role of professional training in shaping their professional journeys; secondly, to champion the cause of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Burundi; and lastly, to galvanize support from stakeholders including governmental bodies, private enterprises, and NGOs in bolstering the employability of vocational training graduates.

The event commenced on March 26th with a profound exploration of the theme, “The Orientation of Professional Training – Advocacy Strategies and Political Implications for Youth Employment in Burundi.” Over the subsequent two days, March 27th to 28th, the focus shifted to “The Role of Public and Private Sector Stakeholders in TVET,” expounded through presentations and insights shared by experts in the realm of professional training programs and integration.

Following vigorous exchanges and deliberations, participants engaged in breakout sessions aimed at addressing pertinent questions and formulating actionable recommendations. Beyond the confines of structured discussions, attendees embarked on a guided tour of the diverse workshops housed within the CFP Don Bosco Buterere, gaining first-hand insight into the practical facets of vocational training.

The Burundi Don Bosco Vocational Training Centre’s round table conference, fuelled by the spirit of collaboration and innovation, not only underscored the importance of professional training in fostering sustainable livelihoods but also laid the groundwork for concerted efforts towards enhancing the quality of life for individuals across Burundi.

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