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Br. John Njuguna Celebrates His 25th Silver Jubilee

Br. John Njuguna celebrates his 25th silver jubilee

Celebrations marking 25th Silver Jubilee of Br. John Njuguna were held on August 19th, 2020. He was in company of Fr. Emilius Salema and Fr. Frederick Albin Swai who had also had similar celebrations. The event was held in Don Bosco Tech Africa (DBTA) office, Nairobi and begun with a Mass which was led by the Provincial, Fr. Simon Asira.

During the homily, Fr. Asira urged the Br. John to remain focused in advancing the organisation’s mission of serving the vulnerable youth. “God has given us different tools to enrich those we are serving. We have all been called to be at service of the church and most importantly the young people.” He said.

Fr. TJ George, DBTA Executive Director described Br. John as a friend, gifted in strategic planning, idea conceptualisation and passionate about the environment and Green TVET. “Br. John brings in a lot of professionalism and a family atmosphere in the office.” He said.

Among the guests present during the celebration were: Fr. Sahaya G. Selvam, Project Coordinator – Don Bosco Youth Educational Services (DBYES), Br. Francis Mulu, Principal – Don Bosco Boys Town, Fr. Samuel Mwangi, Director – DBYES,

In his remarks, Br. John spoke of his career journey, especially the inspiration he drew from St. John Bosco. He furthermore exhorted those present to connect with God, while thanking them for the opportunity to call DBTA home. He said his 25 years of ministry have been a wealth of experience and involvement with people, both young and old. “I want to continue being a brother to you. I want to create a space whereby I can be more accessible and be of help to everyone.” He said.

Family, friends, relatives and colleagues from across the world also took to various media platforms to share their congratulatory messages. Among them were: Br. Walter Thyrniang, PDO Director, ZMB; Br. Celestine Nathan, Mynmar; Br. Hubert TWAGIRAYEZU, AGL PDO Director and his staff members; Fr. Sam Agudosi, Director – John Bosco Institute of Technology (JOBITECH) Nigeria; Fr. Dennis SORO – Provincial Delegation AFO; Mr. Roland Kornhäusl, Programme Manager (DBTA); Fr. Max OKORO, PDO Director, AFW – Nigeria; Jean Nepo and Jack Omondi (DBTA staff); Ms. Lucy Wanjiru (niece) and John Njoroge (grandchild). They all commended Br. John for his loving service to the Lord and his people.

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